Saturday, May 19, 2012

My New Website

The title of this post suggests that I have redesigned or remodeled my old website.  That would be nice.  But the reality is that this is my very first website and it is now live. Finally. It took as long to design and launch as it me took to write an entire book, which I also did in the meanwhile (see right and my next post). The site is quite pretty (as is the book) which I feel ok about saying, since I did not design it myself. I am grateful to The Engine Room and Doug Ridgeway for that. I am pleased. I am also thrilled to cross it off my interminable to do list.

Even if you are not interested in my bio, book tour itinerary, list of books, video course, vintage and current media or video clips…You will find lovely photos and favorite recipes, and I will be adding more of both (especially from Sinfully Easy Delicious Desserts) anon. Since I am a complete newbie when it comes to websites, your comments are welcome. Come on now, take a look!


  1. your website is so nice clean and crisp!:) congratulations alice!

  2. When I checked out your website, I immediately craved for sweets! Hah, the photo banner is certainly mouthwatering! Pictures like those significantly play a big role in making an impression to your website. For one, it charms your visitors right away, making them explore the website even more. =]