Saturday, September 25, 2010

Lost Blog: What No One Told Me

I “lost” my blog in cyber space for a few days. It had something to do with trying to make the address shorter and the whole thing easier to find. Poof it was gone. I was predictably freaked out…so much psychic energy went into setting it up and writing those posts. But more importantly and surprisingly, I found myself actually missing it. It was the stray you wish you hadn’t adopted, but to whom you’ve somehow grown attached. I began to prepare myself for the possibility that it might be gone forever. Would I start over? Could I bond with a new one…? When it suddenly “returned” one morning (not without considerable help and lots phone calls), I was relieved.

Welcome home wayward, burdensome, little nuisance. After only three posts I’m smitten and have these 10 reflections on blogging so far.

No one told me:

It would be so engaging.

It would be so time consuming.

I’d begin watching myself (as if from above) and internally narrating my actions in full sentences.

I’d begin to wonder if what I was doing, eating, thinking, reading, or drinking was of any interest to anyone else and if so, what should be said about it.

I’d need more than two hands to bake a cake (an extra pair to take action shots).

I’d feel guilty if I ate or baked something without taking a picture.

I’d start taking pictures of my breakfast, the mess on my counters, peelings left after eating fresh lychee nuts, an empty dish after four of us demolished a flan, a gift of warm just-laid eggs in a paper bag.

I’d generate such a large list of topics, and then have to cross them off one by one because I couldn’t figure out what point I would be trying to make.

I’d be wondering if this is a healthy way to live.

I’d be excited (none-the-less) to try the next topic….


  1. Alice,
    I couldn't help but laugh as I read through your list. I began a food related blog at the beginning of this year and am experiencing many of the same thoughts and feelings as you. I am highly enjoying your blog posts and look forward to many more.

  2. Whenever I make anything now, my wife asks, "Wait, you're not taking pictures?"

  3. Oh Alice, i love ur blog already and when i read each of ur thoughts, i jump and say ,hey me too!!! me too!!!!

    but ofcourse ur the super star, the wonderful author of may a fab book and we love ya!!

    Looking foward to hear loads from ya!!

    And looking for email subscribtn for ur wonderful blog!!

  4. Hehe! Welcome to the world of food blogging. It definitely changes the way we perceive and relate to food. After three years, I still feel guilty if I sit down to a meal without taking a photograph of it first!

  5. Ah, so true. So excited to be reading your blog. Love it already! Cookies are my favorite thing and I need to get your book on preorder, too.

  6. This is a delightful post, and so TRUE...I found myself laughing as I read it. The internal narration part--yes--will this blob of batter photograph well?--and so on--I'm new to blogging so I'm glad to know I'm not the only one! Glad you found your way back....Rebecca

  7. Welcome to blogging, Alice. It's a love-hate relationship, but you seem to be flourishing. I love this casual post -- nothing like what you'd put in a book, but exactly in your voice.

  8. Oh wow, I'm so happy to have found your blog! You describe the experience of starting a blog so perfectly. It definitely has it's own ebb and flow, but it's always an incredible and very unique learning process. For me, pastry has never been the same. I look forward to your process!

  9. Well said, Alice! I share your ambivalence and angst on the blogging front. Your recipes are so fine-tuned; I am glad you are putting yourself out there too on your blog, despite the techno and energy-consuming challenges. Also, congrats on your new book! Love it, and have already added it to my "Alice collection".